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Bexar County Jury Deadlocks Before Acquitting San Antonio Man in Fatal Shooting, Ruling it as Self-Defense

A Bexar County jury reached a deadlock before ultimately declaring Roger Lee-Canada McCracken not guilty of murder in the shooting death of Ronnie Riddle. The verdict followed a trial where McCracken claimed self-defense in the fatal encounter that took place on September 11, 2021, at an apartment complex on East Southcross Boulevard.

The conflict between the two men had been escalating for months, originating from McCracken and his wife's calls to the police, accusing Riddle of domestic violence against his girlfriend. On the day of the incident, McCracken, his wife, and their two young daughters encountered Riddle after returning from a family trip. The confrontation became intense, with Riddle allegedly threatening and reaching for a gun.

McCracken argued that he acted to protect himself, his wife, and children when Riddle positioned himself between them and reached behind for a weapon. McCracken fired multiple shots, hitting Riddle twice in the chest, resulting in his death.

Prosecutors claimed McCracken acted with intent, while the defense argued he responded to a perceived threat against his family. The jury, deadlocked at one point during deliberations, eventually returned a verdict of not guilty on Thursday.

The defense emphasized the hostile encounter, with Riddle allegedly verbally abusing the McCrackens and reaching for a gun, prompting McCracken's actions. Prosecutors contended that the number of shots fired was excessive and not a reasonable response, particularly as Riddle was fleeing.

The courtroom was tense as the jury deliberated, with family and friends of both parties anxiously awaiting the outcome. When the not guilty verdict was announced, supporters of the Riddle family left in anger, while the McCracken family, surrounded by law enforcement officers, expressed relief and chose to wait before leaving to avoid any confrontations.

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