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Boerne Successfully Manages Winter Weather Challenges for Fourth Consecutive Year

For the fourth consecutive year, Boerne faced a significant winter weather event from January 13 to 16. Despite the challenges, the City extends its gratitude to residents for cooperating by staying home and navigating the multi-day bitter cold and ice storm.

Boerne Utilities Faces Power Challenges


Boerne Utilities reported three major power outages during the icy conditions. Approximately 160 customers lost power due to a tripped feeder line, 75 customers were affected by a failing transformer, and over 50 customers experienced a power loss caused by a melted line fuse. Proactive tree trimming throughout the year helped minimize outages related to fallen or sagging limbs.

Natural Gas

Extreme cold led to temporary delivery challenges for some areas, causing demand to momentarily surpass supply between 5 - 10 a.m. Boerne Utilities addressed the issue by increasing natural gas supply levels to the highest allowed by state regulations. They communicated with residents via email and text messages, asking for conservation efforts. Thanks to coordinated efforts, a temporary shortage lasting less than an hour affected around 30 homes by the final day of the cold spell.

Water and Wastewater Management

In anticipation of icy weather, Boerne Utilities water crews strategically placed portable sewer pumps at multiple sewer lift stations. Crews responded to various calls, including frozen pipes and reported water issues. About 20 customers reported no water or water leaks, with most leaks on the customer's side of the plumbing. Boerne Utilities addressed the issues promptly, ensuring minimal impact.

Boerne Police and Fire Response

Boerne Police responded to 23 accidents from Sunday to Tuesday, with peak activity between 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and midnight to 1 a.m. During the same period, the Fire Department handled 15 emergencies on Sunday and eight on Monday. Fire crews faced challenges responding to multiple falls due to icy conditions, in addition to various other incidents.

Streets Department Takes Proactive Measures

Crews in the Streets Department preloaded sand and gravel into dump trucks, dropping 2,600 pounds of granular deicer during the initial cold event. An additional 1,800 pounds were used Tuesday night in areas with wet pavement after a water main break on Ebner Street.

Parks and Recreation Department's Precautionary Measures

The Parks and Recreation Department took precautionary steps, including draining drinking fountains to prevent freezing and closing public restrooms. They also monitored City facility walkways for ice buildup, promptly de-icing as needed.

Library Community Room Serves as Warming Station

In collaboration with Hill Country Family Services, the library staff opened the community room as a warming station on Monday and Tuesday to provide a safe space for residents during the extreme weather conditions.

As always, you can visit our Winter Weather Preparedness webpage to get the latest updates on active weather events.

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