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Anonymous Donations Made for Boerne Animal Shelter and Library Playscape

Image courtesy of City of Boerne

In a unanimous decision on Tuesday night, January 23, the Boerne City Council approved a budget amendment and accepted two anonymous donations totaling $98,043.

The first donation of $50,000 was made to the Boerne Animal Shelter, marking the largest contribution in the shelter's history. The second donation, just over $48,000, was allocated to the Boerne Parks and Recreation Department for the construction of a new child’s playscape at the Patrick Heath Public Library.

Mayor Frank Ritchie expressed gratitude, stating, “This is a heartwarming display of generosity by two anonymous donors. The staff at both our animal shelter and library work tirelessly to serve their community and both will be able to undertake long-lasting and transformative changes thanks to these significant donations.”

For the Boerne Animal Shelter, the donation is expected to support crucial improvements, ensuring a safer and more nurturing environment for animals in need. Stefanie Fisher, Animal Care Services Supervisor, highlighted the impact, saying, “From improving our facilities to expanding programs, this donation promises to make a lasting impact on the wellbeing of the shelter's residents.”

Simultaneously, the Patrick Heath Public Library is set to receive a new playground, made possible by the second generous donation. This contribution, given in honor of Michael Gabaourie, is intended to provide a space for play, imagination, and learning in a natural setting. Library Director Kelly Skovbjerg remarked, “The library is a hub for knowledge and community engagement, and the many families using the library and campus every day will reap the benefits of this thoughtful contribution.”

The playscape project is expected to be completed by Spring 2024.

The decision by the donors to remain anonymous adds an extra layer of humility to their philanthropy, emphasizing their selfless commitment to making a positive difference without seeking recognition.

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