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Man Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Double Homicide in Bexar County

In a verdict delivered today, a Bexar County jury in the 226th District Court sentenced 23-year-old Jilson Avelar-Rodriguez to life without parole in prison. Avelar-Rodriguez faced charges of capital murder in connection to the deaths of 23-year-old Nicholas "Trey" Milanovich and 21-year-old Julia Wright.

The incident occurred on September 30, 2018, when Milanovich and Wright were fatally shot in the apartment they shared. Milanovich succumbed to his injuries after being shot while sleeping, while Wright, also shot while asleep, regained consciousness but died from blood loss as she attempted to escape the apartment seeking help.

A crucial tip from a source led to the identification of Avelar-Rodriguez as a suspect. Subsequent evidence directly linked him to the murders. Following his arrest, Avelar-Rodriguez confessed to the crime, leading to the jury's decision to sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  During his confession video, Avelar-Rodriguez said that he was forced to kill the victims by his girlfriend Melissa Cortez.  He added that Cortez, who sold drugs, had issues with Milanovich and didn’t like the fact that he was selling drugs.

“The lives of two young people were tragically cut short. Our office was determined to bring their killer to justice,” said Bexar County Criminal District Attorney Joe D. Gonzales, “We have now done so. May they now rest in peace and may their families now reach a sense of closure on their painful and difficult loss.”

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