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San Antonio Animal Care Services Unveils Strategic Plan for Transformative Pet Ownership Culture

San Antonio Animal Care Services has unveiled its Animal Care Services Strategic Plan, a City-sanctioned initiative aimed at transforming the culture of pet ownership in the area. The plan, now available online at, serves as a guiding document for the department and focuses on five key areas.

The strategic plan emphasizes the department's commitment to supporting a safe community for residents in their neighborhoods, ensuring the safety and humane treatment of pets, promoting the placement of pets for life, fostering positive community perceptions, and empowering a healthy and thriving workforce.

Each of these focus areas includes sub-priorities and tactics designed to work synergistically to enhance humane animal welfare in San Antonio. The comprehensive forty-four-page document, developed over 18 months, incorporates input from a public survey, stakeholder meetings, focus groups, and industry best practice research.

The launch of this strategic plan marks a significant step towards achieving a positive and responsible approach to pet ownership, reflecting the city's dedication to creating a safer and more compassionate environment for both residents and their animal companions.

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