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Alamo Trust, Inc. Announces Structural Integrity Investigation for Historic Alamo Cenotaph

Alamo Trust, Inc. has unveiled its commitment to the preservation and protection of the historic Alamo Cenotaph by announcing a comprehensive Structural Integrity Investigation scheduled to begin on November 13, 2023. The objective of this initiative is to secure the enduring legacy of the monument, evaluate the need for potential restoration, and ensure that it continues to stand as a symbol of reverence and reflection for generations to come.

The Alamo Cenotaph, a powerful symbol of sacrifice and valor, has been a steadfast presence for over 80 years, reminding visitors of the sacrifices made at the Alamo. Alamo Trust, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the memorial in its current location, allowing its historical and cultural significance to remain accessible to all.

Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, M.D., expressed her commitment to this endeavor, saying, "This investigation is needed to make educated decisions to fortify the Cenotaph’s foundational integrity. The General Land Office is committed to the transparency of this investigation through open communication and public engagement throughout the entire process."

To ensure transparency and community engagement, a secure fenced perimeter will be established around the Cenotaph during the investigation, allowing the public to safely observe the process. Additionally, a 24-hour live camera feed of the site will be accessible online, offering continuous access to the ongoing work.

The Structural Integrity Investigation, set to last a few weeks, will provide critical insights into the current condition of the Alamo Cenotaph. The assessment will cover the monument's exterior structure, masonry ties, interior concrete, brick integrity, drainage systems, and moisture levels.

During this investigation, no materials from the Alamo Cenotaph will be removed from the site. Only eight stones will be temporarily removed from the top of the Cenotaph to facilitate access to the interior. Every piece of this historic monument will remain on the grounds of the Alamo throughout the investigation.

ClarkGuido, a contractor with deep historical knowledge and experience in the construction of the Alamo Cenotaph, will lead the investigation, having built the foundation and concrete substructure over 80 years ago.

The Structural Integrity Investigation is a significant step in Alamo Trust, Inc.'s mission to ensure that the Alamo Cenotaph remains a timeless symbol of remembrance and reflection for future generations, standing in the very place it has occupied for decades, and preserving the rich history and culture of the great state of Texas.

Updates on the Investigation
To stay up-to-date, kindly explore our website, where you can find comprehensive information about the ongoing Structural Integrity Investigation of the Alamo Cenotaph here:

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