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San Antonio Police Chief William McManus Threatened, Suspect in Custody

Arrested: Christobal Ramirez

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus found himself the target of a disturbing threat on Wednesday, as authorities announced that 61-year-old Christobal Ramirez had threatened to harm the police chief. The threat came in the form of a voicemail left on a police officer's city cell phone, according to investigators.

An arrest warrant revealed that Ramirez had been making daily calls to an officer with the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), expressing complaints about Chief McManus. In the voicemail, Ramirez allegedly criticized the use of taxpayer dollars and made a chilling statement: "I know where McManus feeds them cats; I think I'll blow his head off today, bye."

The officer who received the threatening voicemail informed investigators that while Ramirez had previously made generalized statements about Chief McManus and the cats, this threat was of an entirely different magnitude.

San Antonio Police believe that Ramirez's statement was specific and serious enough to warrant charges of terroristic threat of a peace officer. Following the investigation, Ramirez was taken into custody and is currently held in jail, with a bond set at $150,000.

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