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Biden, Trump and World issues, fervor or fever?

Image by Dorothe

Every day in America we hear the names of Biden and Trump mentioned on various news television or radio stations. We daily hear about the struggles of Ukraine and Russia. Border security, illegal immigrants, inner city issues and China are almost daily themes.

How could we ever get through a day in America without hearing these ongoing names, themes and issues? It doesn’t seem like we can especially if we daily watch the national news.

Many of us don’t want to live with our heads in the sand thinking the world is a cozy place with everyone living in unity. Most of us understand the world has problems and political personalities that we either admire or abhor or can’t live without. However, most of us have our breaking point when it comes to the daily fodder of political jockeying, mudslinging and media grids committed to swaying how you are supposed to feel about different candidates or world problems.

Recently I attended my high school senior class reunion and thoroughly enjoyed the gathering of old classmates. We caught up on old times, old ballgames, previous teachers and administrators as well as how life is going today. We remembered those who are already deceased and heard some funny stories and jokes. We shared food together and enjoyed small talk, laughs and some hugs. The line often repeated throughout the evening was, “You sure are looking good.” This was an honest compliment for the most part because old friends always look good. An old classmate or someone who shared years of school history with you is typically a welcomed sight.

I couldn’t help but noticing as the evening wound down that I didn’t hear anybody wanting to argue about politics or political candidates. I didn’t hear anyone worried that China might invade Taiwan. There wasn’t discussion about our border or America’s growing homeless crisis. Our two plus hours was spent simply enjoying each other, reminiscing and having a few laughs. A lot of good admiring words where shared between people making for an enjoyable evening. We had a two-hour successful gathering that didn’t involve the top news stories of the week or the bad stuff that we hear about every day.

Taking a break of from all of the mainstream daily tensions that divide many of us would be a novel idea for all of us. Take a break from it all, at least occasionally. Just focus on kindness, friendship, helping people and being good to each other.

You’ll have ample opportunity to express your frustrations when you vote or when you decide to watch a political debate. There are plenty of those coming. If you start feeling like you are an indifferent and detached from reality, then you can always turn on the evening news to have your fervor or fever reignited.

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