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Suspect Charged in Cold Case: Arrest Made in Connection with Skeleton Found at a Houston Residence

After an extensive investigation spanning almost two years, law enforcement has made a breakthrough in the case of the skeletal remains discovered at 605 West Clay Street back in December 2021. The prime suspect, Pamela Ann Merritt, aged 43, has been taken into custody and is facing murder charges in the 262nd State District Court.

The victim, identified as Colin Kerdachi, 78, was the resident of the property where the human remains were found. Houston Police Department's Homicide Division, including Sergeants M. Miller, R. Watson, and M. Burrow along with Detective D. Stark, spearheaded the investigation.

The grim discovery was first made when HPD patrol officers responded to a call regarding a human skeleton found in the backyard of the residence. The remains were in an advanced state of decomposition, indicating a considerable passage of time since death. The individuals present at the scene, who were cleaning the property at the time, included a witness and occupants of the house.

The possibility was raised that the remains might belong to the elderly man who had been reported missing in February 2021. The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences conducted an autopsy on the remains, confirming them to be those of Mr. Colin Kerdachi, the homeowner.

Subsequent investigation efforts led detectives to pinpoint Pamela Ann Merritt as the prime suspect in Kerdachi's death. Charges against Merritt were officially filed on May 30, 2023, and law enforcement authorities sought assistance from the public in locating her.

The breakthrough came on August 18, 2023, when officers from the Houston Police Department successfully apprehended Merritt without incident. Following her arrest, she was transferred to the Harris County Jail, where she awaits her trial.

The arrest brings a measure of closure to the long-standing investigation into the mysterious death of Colin Kerdachi. The motive and circumstances surrounding the crime remain a focal point as the case moves forward within the criminal justice system. Authorities have not yet disclosed specific details about the evidence or circumstances that led to Merritt's arrest, but the development marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of justice for Mr. Kerdachi and his loved ones.

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