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San Antonio, Texas News

San Antonio Police Arrest 17-Year-Old in Connection to 52 Aggravated Robberies

The San Antonio Police Department's Robbery Task Force has apprehended 17-year-old Eric Fernandez on 28 counts of Aggravated Robbery. Fernandez was apprehended while driving a stolen vehicle and carrying a handgun. Further charges are anticipated.

Authorities assert that Fernandez was a key member of a serial robbery group responsible for over 50 aggravated robberies across the San Antonio region. The group consistently employed handguns to demand money, phones, jewelry, and vehicles from their victims.

Among the incidents attributed to this group was a robbery that took place recently at a Taco Rio Grande food truck on Cincinnati Avenue. During the incident, Fernandez and a partner allegedly held two victims at gunpoint, seizing personal belongings. The perpetrators subsequently entered the food truck, extorted cash from the register in the presence of the victims, and fled the scene.

Surveillance footage near the food truck became pivotal in identifying Fernandez as a suspect. Victims positively identified him from a photo lineup, strengthening the case against him. Police believe Fernandez was personally involved in more than 40 of the documented aggravated robberies.

The successful operation was a result of close collaboration among law enforcement units, including the Robbery Task Force, SWAT, and covert detectives. Their joint efforts have led to Fernandez's arrest, potentially putting an end to the crime spree that has plagued the community.

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