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Two Arrests Made in Separate Incidents for Drug and Weapon Offenses in Gillespie County

Ingram, TX: On Thursday, May 24, 2024, at approximately 10:38 p.m., a deputy observed a vehicle with Arizona registration that caught his attention. Upon checking the vehicle's registration, it was found to be suspended due to lack of active insurance. The vehicle entered a convenience store parking lot at 2204 South SH 16, where the deputy approached the male driver. It was revealed that the driver's Texas license was also suspended. The female passenger stated the vehicle belonged to her son in Arizona and that insurance had been acquired during the encounter.

While speaking with the female, the deputy detected the odor of marijuana from the vehicle. K9 Maverick conducted an open-air sniff of the vehicle's exterior, resulting in a positive alert. A search of the vehicle revealed a baggie of cocaine in the female's purse. She later admitted to having more contraband concealed in her vaginal cavity. Additionally, two loaded handguns were found in the vehicle, which the female claimed.

The 41-year-old female from Ingram, TX, was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. At the jail, several baggies containing 23.65 grams of cocaine, a vial with cocaine, and 23.33 grams of ecstasy were recovered from her person. She admitted to purchasing the cocaine in Austin, TX, and was also charged with Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance. The male driver was released without charges.

Blanco, TX: Later, at around 10:44 p.m., another deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding in the 1200 block of West US Highway 290. The deputy detected the odor of marijuana during the stop. The female driver admitted to having previously smoked marijuana in the vehicle and possessing pre-rolled marijuana. A search revealed marijuana, two THC vaping devices, and two packages of THC syrup.

The 22-year-old female from San Marcos, TX, was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance. The male passenger was released without charges.

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