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Texas Launches Landowner Compensation Program for Border-Related Crime

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has initiated the Landowner Compensation Program, aiming to aid Texans affected by border-related crimes. This program offers compensation to landowners for damages to agricultural property resulting from trespass linked to border crimes. Eligible expenses include repairs to structures like fences and barns, with a cap of $75,000.

Claims must be submitted within 90 days of the incident, with separate applications required for each occurrence. Documentation from law enforcement reports is necessary for claim validity.

“Illegal aliens crossing the Texas-Mexico border at Joe Biden’s invitation leave behind a trail of destruction that harms Texas agricultural land,” said Attorney General Ken Paxton. “This program will provide needed relief to Texans whose property is damaged by foreign aliens waved into the country by the federal government. I am glad to help the farmers and ranchers on our borderlands who bear the costs of Biden’s destructive policies.”

For more information about the Landowner Compensation Program, including eligibility requirements, and to apply online, visit the attorney general’s website at  

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