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San Antonio Unveils Vibrant Market Square Murals Celebrating Rich History and Culture

Dolorosa columns at The Pass basketball court by artists Eva Marengo Sanchez and Mike Arguello

The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture proudly announces the completion of The Echoes of Market Square mural series by local artists Eva Marengo Sanchez and Mike Arguello. This vibrant artwork celebrates the rich history and promising future of Historic Market Square and can be admired on eight large columns under I-35 between Dolorosa and Commerce streets in the new urban recreation area named The Pass.

Sanchez expressed her gratitude and pride in contributing to her city’s culture through public art, calling the project the largest she's ever undertaken. The public can join in celebrating this achievement during a dedication event on Friday, April 19, 2024, at 11 a.m. at The Pass at Historic Market Square. The dedication coincides with the start of the 2024 Fiesta de Los Reyes celebrations.

The mural, spanning over 30 sides of the columns, narrates the tales and history of Historic Market Square, engaging with the local community and businesses. Department of Arts & Culture Director Krystal Jones praised the extensive research and community involvement of Sanchez and Arguello, ensuring the artwork reflects the essence of the square for years to come.

Historic Market Square, tracing its origins back to a plaza gifted by the King of Spain in 1730, has been a beloved destination for generations. With over 100 locally owned businesses, it offers a unique marketplace experience cherished by locals and tourists alike.

For Arguello, whose grandmother was part of the Canary Islands Descendants Association, the project holds special significance, connecting him to the area's original settlers. Symbolism in the murals highlights the traditions of Historic Market Square, with a focus on food as the heart of the community, represented by gorditas, tortillas, and aguas frescas. Childhood memories come alive through depictions of toys and cultural celebrations like Fiesta and Día de los Muertos.

For more information about The Echoes of Market Square and the Department of Arts & Culture, visit 

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