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Important Eclipse Information for Kerr County

Kerr County residents are gearing up for the upcoming eclipse, and authorities are issuing important notices to ensure smooth traffic flow and safety during the event. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Road Closures: Except for the immediate area around Louise Hays Park, no road closures are planned in Kerr County. However, TXDOT will be adjusting lanes on Sidney Baker Street to accommodate outbound traffic. Expect Monday daytime to have the highest traffic volume.

  2. Consider Alternate Routes: Locals needing to travel are advised to explore alternate routes that avoid Highways 27 and 16, which will be bustling with thousands of eclipse visitors.

  3. Traffic Management Plan: The current plan aims to channel traffic to various exits on Interstate 10. This includes exits at Highway 41, Harper Road, Sidney Baker, and Highway 27, facilitating movement across different parts of the county.

  4. Prepare for Congestion: Locals are encouraged to prepare for traffic congestion by stocking up on essentials ahead of time. Expect temporary interruptions in cellular services and credit card processing due to increased demand. Verify the open hours of local businesses before visiting.

  5. Southern Route: If you're traveling from south of Kerrville, the quickest route to the Interstate is via Highway 173 to Camp Verde, then east on Highway 27 to Comfort.

  6. Western Route: For those coming from west of Ingram, the fastest way to reach the Interstate is via Highway 27 in Ingram, heading west to Highway 41, and then onto the Interstate.

  7. Emergency Services: Reserve emergency service calls for serious threats to life and property. Local police, fire departments, the KCSO, and volunteer fire departments will be working at full capacity to meet the needs of both locals and visitors.

  8. Additional Information: For more details about the eclipse and related updates, visit

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