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San Antonio Council Addresses Migrant Center; Kaur Calls for Support

On March 7, 2024, the San Antonio City Council convened to address the status of operations at the Migrant Resource Center. During the session, Councilwoman Kaur acknowledged the crucial partnership between the City, Catholic Charities, and the Food Bank in supporting local migrant initiatives. She emphasized the patience and understanding shown by residents of the Shearer Hills/Ridgeview neighborhood, which borders the center.

Kaur stated, "I am tremendously grateful for the partnership between the City, Catholic Charities, and the Food Bank. We’re fortunate to have such dedicated partners supporting our local migrant response." She added, "The residents of the Shearer Hills/Ridgeview neighborhood deserve recognition for their patience and understanding as we try to both provide shelter to the travelers and maintain an orderly area. I am heartened by the residents’ continued compassion and am committed to resolving the concerns they have reported."

Furthermore, she urged federal leadership to sustain funding for the center's operations and reform the outdated immigration system.

Councilman Whyte emphasized that while many migrants arriving in the city are deserving of respect and dignity, he believes that prioritizing San Antonio citizens is paramount. "Our citizens expect their tax dollars to be used on San Antonians," he stated. "We must prioritize our people over all others. I do not want to see us get ourselves into a situation where our basic city services will be compromised because we are funding migrant services here in our city."

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