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Spring 2024 Climate Outlook Raises Concerns for South Central Texas

The National Weather Service has recently released the South Central Texas Spring 2024 Climate Outlook, indicating troubling trends for the region. With attached graphics highlighting rainfall deficits and drought conditions, the outlook underscores challenges ahead.

Rainfall deficits emerge as a significant concern, particularly due to low aquifer and reservoir levels. In Medina County, the deficit is pronounced, with some areas experiencing a shortfall of up to 16 inches of rain. Currently, the county grapples with severe to extreme drought conditions, as illustrated by the drought impact map.

Despite the potential for precipitation this month, actual rainfall in Medina County remains minimal. The forecast suggests drier than normal conditions, especially west of US 281. As severe weather season approaches, the National Weather Service warns of increased risks of hail, wind, and tornadoes through May.

Looking ahead, the Spring Drought Outlook anticipates further expansion and worsening conditions for the region. Residents are urged to prepare for continued long-term drought impacts throughout 2024.

Daily monitoring reveals high temperatures and low relative humidity, exacerbating the situation. The Texas A&M Forest Service's Drought Index confirms worsening conditions in Medina County, escalating concerns over wildfire risks.

With spring growth quickly drying and contributing to existing fuel loads, wildfire dangers loom large. Officials emphasize the importance of exercising caution with outdoor fires, as the likelihood of a burn ban in the coming months grows.

Residents are urged to share this information with their networks to promote safety measures. Together, efforts can help mitigate risks and safeguard Medina County during these challenging times.

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