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Circle K Gas Station in Kerrville Discovers Credit Card Skimmer on Pump 7

On Friday, February 23, 2024, staff at the Circle K located at 321 Sidney Baker South made a startling discovery when they found a credit card skimmer installed on Pump #7. According to store personnel, the skimmer was not present during the closing inspection the previous day, indicating it was likely placed overnight.

Credit card skimmers are nefarious devices attached to point-of-sale terminals, allowing thieves to steal card information when customers swipe their cards. These devices are typically found on gas pumps or other unmonitored point-of-sale devices. Once installed, skimmers covertly collect credit card data until retrieved by the perpetrator, who can then use the stolen information for online scams and unauthorized purchases.

In response to this incident, the store staff has been commended for their vigilance in checking for skimmers regularly. To prevent falling victim to such scams, customers are advised to take precautions:

  • Opt for pumps closest to the building, as they are more likely to be monitored by staff and less prone to tampering.
  • Preferably use a credit card over a debit card to avoid direct access to your bank account. If forced to use a debit card, select the credit option to avoid entering your PIN.
  • Utilize chip-enabled cards instead of swiping whenever possible for enhanced security.
  • Consider purchasing gas station gift cards for frequent visits, as they are not linked to personal information and limit potential losses if compromised.
  • Take the extra time to pay inside the store rather than at the pump to reduce the risk of encountering card skimmers.

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