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San Antonio Launches Drive SAfely SA Resource and Education Center to Empower Young Drivers

San Antonio Municipal Court, along with the Transportation Department, has unveiled the “Drive SAfely SA Resource and Education Center,” aimed at enhancing road safety and supporting young drivers in the city.

"The Drive SAfely SA Resource and Technology Center represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to create safer roads for everyone,” Judge Carla Obledo said. “By combining the expertise of the Transportation Department and the commitment of the Municipal Court, we are providing a unique and invaluable resource for unlicensed teenage drivers to learn, grow, and become responsible members of our driving community."

The initiative, led by Presiding Judge Carla Obledo, addresses the issue of unlicensed teenage drivers receiving traffic citations. The center offers resources to help these teens improve their driving skills and obtain licenses.

"Vision Zero SA's collaboration in this initiative reaffirms its dedication to promoting road safety,” Director of Transportation Catherine Hernandez said. “We are proud to contribute to the Drive SAfely SA Resource and Technology Center, knowing that it will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our city's road users."

Key features include online courses for driver's licenses, interactive training on safe driving practices, and videos addressing various driving challenges.

The Drive SAfely SA Resource and Technology Center aims to shape responsible drivers and contribute to the Vision Zero goal of zero traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

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