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Bandera ISD Issues Notice of Destruction of Special Education Records

Bandera Independent School District has issued a notice to parents/guardians, former students, and eligible (adult) students regarding the destruction of special education records. These records, pertaining to the identification, evaluation, educational placement, or provision of special education, are mandated to be maintained for a period of five years after the conclusion of special education services while enrolled in the district.

Special education services terminate when the student is no longer eligible, graduates, completes their educational program at age 22, or relocates from the district. Consequently, Bandera Independent School District follows a policy to destroy these records after the five-year retention period, as per state and federal laws.

The district highlights the importance of these records beyond their utility to the district, emphasizing their potential significance for applications to Social Security benefits, rehabilitation services, college entrance, and more.

Parents/guardians or eligible (adult) students have the option to request these records before their scheduled destruction. Requests must be made in writing to the address provided below and must be submitted before the five-year retention period concludes. Records are slated for destruction on June 15th of each school year.

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