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Parking Sold Out at Kerrville Sports Complex for Eclipse Viewing

Parking spaces at the Kerrville Sports Complex, designated for viewing the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8, have been completely sold out. Visitors from across the nation, including international guests from Japan and Ireland, will be converging at the location to witness the celestial event.

Those who have purchased parking passes are reminded to bring a printed copy of their receipt upon arrival, as electronic receipts will not be accepted. It's also important to note that there will be no shuttle service provided to the Kerrville Eclipse Festival.

For those still seeking parking options, limited free parking will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the parking garage located at 201 Clay St. in Downtown Kerrville. Additionally, the parking lot at the Butt Holdsworth Memorial Library, situated at 505 Water St., will offer limited free parking spots, accessible only to individuals with state-issued disability plates or placards.

Authorities emphasize that parking is permitted only in authorized and designated areas. More information regarding parking options at privately owned businesses and organizations can be found on the Kerrville Eclipse Festival website under the "Viewing Locations and Parking" tab. Visitors are encouraged to directly contact these businesses for inquiries regarding the operation of their parking facilities.

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