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San Antonio Councilwoman Joins FCC Advisory Committee

San Antonio District 4 Councilwoman Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia has been chosen as a new member of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC). She is the sole municipal representative from Texas among the 30 members of the IAC.

The IAC consists of elected officials from municipal, county, state, and Tribal governments. They will convene with Commission officials to discuss various telecommunications issues. The committee's term will last for two years, starting from April 18, 2024.

Dr. Garcia expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Serving on the FCC’s IAC will give me the opportunity to work with government leaders across the country championing reliable and high-quality connectivity for all of our neighborhoods. So all can rely on robust, secure, and dependable broadband infrastructure systems.”

Under the direction of the Chairwoman, the committee may undertake specific tasks to advance the Commission’s programs, mission, and objectives. These tasks may include initiatives to enhance the deployment and adoption of broadband services, as well as assisting state, local, and Tribal government officials in better implementing or describing the availability of Commission programs to their constituents and the public.




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