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Collaborative Effort Plants 500 Trees, 200 Nopales for Sustainable Agriculture

San Antonio District 3 Office, San Antonio Food Bank, National Park Service, and City's Parks and Recreation Department Collaborate on Sustainable Agriculture Project

A collaborative effort between the District 3 Office, the San Antonio Food Bank, the National Park Service, and the City's Parks and Recreation Department has resulted in a significant initiative aimed at enhancing sustainability and addressing food security in the local community.

The joint effort focuses on planting 500 trees and 200 nopales as part of a sustainable agriculture project. This initiative not only seeks to replicate traditional farming methods but also aims to bolster food security and augment the urban canopy in the region.

Through the dedicated contributions of volunteers and partners, the project has achieved notable success, yielding thousands of pounds of collard greens and cabbage.

Mitch Hagney, Director of Food Sustainability at the Food Bank, expressed gratitude towards volunteers and community leaders, emphasizing the importance of planting perennial crops to mitigate food insecurity while enhancing the urban canopy.

The District 3 Office underscores its commitment to sustainability and anticipates further engagement initiatives that will benefit both the environment and the well-being of residents.

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