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Bandera Mayor Rebeca Gibson Addresses Allegations That She Approves Transgender Books in School Library

Mayor Rebeca Gibson

In an open letter to residents, City of Bandera Mayor Rebeca Gibson addressed allegations that she was involved in arranging for, as she put it, “a transvestite to come down from Austin and to read trans gender books to K through fourth grade in the library”.

"I am deeply saddened today by the divisiveness being caused within our community", Mayor Gibson wrote, "The suggestion that this rumor and call to action originated at a local bible study group last night is also unfounded and irresponsible."

The letter continued, "The City of Bandera does not participate in the development of library programming, nor do I personally sit on the County library board of directors. Because I, and by association, the City of Bandera, have been made a part of this false accusation, I felt compelled to verify the false nature of the allegation with both the Library Director as well as the pastor of church in question. No such activity has been planned for our library, and the pastor assures me that to his knowledge this claim did not come from his congregation."

Mayor Gibson reminds everyone that the City of Bandera is committed to maintaining an international reputation as a hospitable community and that the city is an equal opportunity employer.



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