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Rep. Andrew Murr Announces Retirement from Texas House

Rep. Andrew Murr

In a heartfelt letter addressed to his constituents, Representative Andrew Murr has announced his retirement from the Texas House of Representatives. Serving five terms as a representative for the expansive district covering the Hill Country, West Texas, and South Texas, Murr expressed gratitude for the honor of representing his fellow Texans.

Over his ten years in office, Murr logged more than 127,000 driving miles and played a pivotal role in the passage of numerous bills benefiting the region, focusing on small towns, agriculture, small businesses, and the rural economy. However, the demands of public service, which often required sacrifices affecting his family, led Murr to the decision to step down.

Murr highlighted the sacrifices made by his family, including missed milestones and events with his four children. Citing his family's willingness to endure these sacrifices, Murr emphasized the toll public service takes on personal life. The decision to retire, he explained, was driven by a desire to be present for his family, especially with the cows on his ranch calling him home.

Reflecting on his legislative achievements, Murr recounted policy victories such as limiting liability for ranchers, bolstering border security, and enacting robust Second Amendment and pro-life protections. He also mentioned leading the General Investigating Committee, where he played a crucial role in the impeachment of the state Attorney General.

Addressing the threats and challenges he faced during the investigation, Murr clarified that these had no bearing on his decision to retire. He expressed confidence in his ability to continue representing the district with integrity, emphasizing his unwillingness to compromise moral and ethical responsibilities for political convenience.

As Murr prepares to conclude his final term, he expressed gratitude to his constituents for the opportunity to serve and assured them that the saddle is ready for the next person to take up the responsibilities in Austin. Despite his departure from the Texas House, Murr expressed a commitment to remaining active in the future opportunities that await him.

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