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Resumption of In-Person Jury Pools Accompanied by Improved Accessibility

In-person jury pools will resume this coming Monday, March 6, 2023. Individuals selected to serve have received notices to report in person.

The Bexar County Garage at 211 South Flores is available for jurors. The parking fee is $3.00 with validation. Jurors will receive parking ticket validation in the Central Jury Department.

Jurors also have the option to ride a VIA bus by using their jury duty summons. Bexar County Jury Services strongly recommends for jurors to consider taking the bus to the Courthouse. Jurors may also use the service via several “Park and Ride” stations, including Sunset Station, Crossroads, Medical, and others. For more information on jury services, please visit

Finally, in time for the return of jurors to the courthouse, Bexar County Facilities Management completed accessibility enhancements, including a dedicated “drop off” zone on Dwyer Street and a designated “pick up zone” on Nueva Street. Additional signage was installed as well to enhance safety and visibility for pedestrians near the courthouse entrance

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