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Bandera Middle School Volleyball Recap vs Uvalde Round 2

8th Grade A Team: The 8th Grade Lady Bulldogs of Bandera Middle School faced off against Uvalde in an intense battle on Wednesday night. The Bandera girls started the match strong, clinching a nail-biting victory in the first set with a score of 25-22. However, they fell short in the second set, losing 17-25, and struggled in the third set, with Uvalde emerging as the victors with a score of 8-15. The Bandera team continues to work on their mental toughness, aiming to persevere through challenges. The girls are dedicated to improving and learning how to overcome obstacles. Their next destination is Carrizo Springs, where they hope to secure a win and conclude their travel for the season. Key statistics from the game include:

  • Serving Aces: Addison Ashcraft: 3, Pyper Barnard: 2, Briley Clark: 1, Brynleigh Hauer: 2, Mckenna Jones: 4, Kolbie Lawlis: 1, Kinli Mcintosh: 2
  • Digs: Kinli Mcintosh: 3, Brynleigh Hauer: 1, Mckenna Jones: 1, Haily Livingston: 1, Isabella Pace: 1
  • Kills: Pyper Barnard: 1, Kolbie Lawlis: 3, Taylor Marrs: 1, Mia Ranly: 1
  • Assists: Pyper Barnard: 1, Briley Clark: 3, Kinli Mcintosh: 2, Kolbie Lawlis: 2, Haily Livingston: 2, Isabella Pace: 1, Mia Ranly: 1
  • Blocks: Kolbie Lawlis: 2

8th Grade B Team: The 8th Grade B Team, known as the Lady Bulldogs, put up a tough fight against Uvalde on Wednesday night. In the first set, they faced challenges in transitioning and fell to the Lobos with a score of 6-25. However, in the second set, the Lady Bulldogs came back strong, winning 25-22. Despite a hard-fought battle in the third set, they couldn't secure the win, ending with a score of 8-15. The team displayed great effort in transitioning, communicating, and attacking. They eagerly await their next match in Carrizo Springs. Key statistics from the game include:

  • Serving Aces: Jasmine Longoria: 3, Blake Waid: 3, Leighann Spangler: 5, Krista Goldstein: 4, Karlee Hamilton: 3
  • Digs: Jasmine Longoria: 1, Emma Rynarzewski: 1, Ella Vollmer: 2
  • Kills: Kaylee Fried: 1, Aubrie Moore: 1
  • Assists: Kaylee Fried: 2, Aubrie Moore: 1, Leighann Spangler: 4, Ella Vollmer: 1, Gracelyn Upton: 4, Kylie Hall: 2, Krista Golstein: 3, Karlee Hamilton: 1

7th Grade A Team: The 7th Grade A Team put forth an impressive performance, clinching victory in two sets against Uvalde with scores of 25-17 and 25-23. They focused on controlling the game's tempo, with a strong back row that excelled in serve reception. The setters worked diligently to set up plays for the front row, resulting in a season-high 25 attacks. The girls displayed resilience, coming back from a 22-18 deficit in the second set to win 25-23, with Brooke Montelongo delivering two crucial blocks in the final moments.

7th Grade B Team: The 7th Grade B Team, also known as the Lady Bulldogs, had a successful outing against Uvalde, winning the game in two sets. The team's exceptional communication played a pivotal role in their victory. Kendall Schmidt led the first set with six successful serves, while Cealy Billings and Bentley O'Donnal contributed with their communication and gameplay. The first set was secured with a score of 25-12, and the Bulldogs finished strong in the second set, winning 25-23. Players Alivia Pack and Makayla Clay showcased their improvements, with Pack excelling in the middle back position and Clay delivering critical serves to close the game. The team has now secured eight wins this season, underscoring the payoff of their hard work and dedication.

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