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Peterson Hospice Blessing Fund Celebrates a Decade of Helping Patients and Launches Home Health Compassion Fund

Over the past decade, the Peterson Hospice Blessing Fund has made a significant impact on the lives of more than 350 patients and their families. This vital program, solely funded by generous donations, is dedicated to assisting Hospice patients through a committee-driven approach. The Blessing Fund has enabled the provision of a wide range of services, from essential necessities to more significant resources, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for patients and their loved ones.

The success of the Peterson Hospice Blessing Fund has spurred the launch of the Home Health Compassion Fund, designed specifically to support Home Health patients. Peterson Home Health is known for providing skilled care and companionship to patients in the comfort of their own homes, particularly those who have recently been discharged from the hospital and are still in the recovery phase. This unique approach allows caregivers to forge personal connections with patients, extending care beyond medical needs.

One touching example of the impact of this compassionate care involved an elderly patient living in a deteriorating home. The patient and her spouse had resided in their home for many years, but as their health declined and their residence deteriorated, they faced increasing challenges. The patient, mostly bedridden, could muster just enough strength, with her husband's help, to transfer herself into a wheelchair. Peterson Home Health stepped in, at the physician's referral, to provide occupational and physical therapy, focusing on basic strengthening exercises and transfer skills to ensure safety.

However, as the patient's limitations continued to grow, accessing the bathroom and shower became nearly impossible. Lacking the funds for wheelchair modifications, the couple improvised by wheeling the patient out into the backyard and using a garden hose for makeshift showers. While Peterson Home Health provided personal hygiene care in the home, the establishment of a Compassion Fund could have allowed for bathroom modifications, preserving the patient's dignity by enabling her to bathe privately at home while maintaining their independence.

As the only non-profit Home Health agency in the Hill Country, Peterson Health is committed to providing compassionate care to all, regardless of their financial circumstances. With the support of generous donations to the Compassion Fund, the organization aims to provide unique assistance to its patients, addressing their needs comprehensively and striving to enhance the health outcomes and quality of life for everyone receiving Home Health services.

To donate to the Peterson Home Health Compassion Fund, visit

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